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Bradford Consulting is a Recruiting and Consulting firm built on 30+ years of recruiting. Our specialty is 100% Talent Acquisition Careers within the $10 Million - $1 Billion Middle Market sector. Join our network managed by Recruiters for Recruiters.


Middle Market Advantages

More Autonomy and Less Bureaucracy.  Enjoy more control of your day-to-day decision-making activities and better control of your own destiny. Fewer management layers translates into quicker decisions, less red tape and unnecessary micromanagement. Work can be more meaningful as you will contribute more directly to the organization’s success. See something that can be improved? Ask to fix it and often you quickly get the green light!

Ability to Make a Bigger Impact. Your own ideas and philosophies are more likely to become reality with fewer management layers. You will take ownership of your projects and ideas; start to finish. Being closer to the decision maker catapults your personal and professional development exponentially faster than in a large companies.

Financial Rewards. Middle Market companies often have more flexibility in their overall compensation. This includes cash, bonuses, incentives and other valuable non-monetary incentives. High growth Middle Market companies may even have a more attractive total compensation package than large companies. Given the right industry and performance the financial rewards can be significant.

Active - Tiptoer - Passive

Join our network of Talent Acquisition Professionals, you can take advantage of compelling career opportunities when the time is right for you. If today isn't the right time, you still benefit from our learning and networking opportunities.

When we place you in a career role with one of our Client Partners, you'll have FREE access to the Adler Performance-based Hiring Online Learning System. You can also become certified with Carl Bradford as your coach.

Even if we don't place you with one of our Client Partners, we offer discounts for the Adler training for you, your Recruiter colleagues and Hiring Managers.

Ever Miss Career Opportunities?

As a high-value Talent Acquisition professional you're always busy, with limited time to be aware of opportunities that very well might become your dream job.
Ever wished you had known about a opportunity that could have been your dream job, only to discover it was already filled? Busy professionals like you rarely don't have time to keep abreast of compelling opportunities.

That's where we come in. As a top-tier Recruiter, let us become an extra pair of eyes and ears so when just the right opportunity comes up, we'll confidentially be in touch with you. Help us by providing some basic criteria about your next career step and we'll add this to our confidential records.

How to Get Started

1. Create Your Confidential Profile

Don't have a resume? Use your LinkedIn profile. Become part of our confidential network by uploading your LinkedIn profile. Only a few clicks!

2. Define Your Career Criteria

What's your ideal next career move? We'll gather just a few important bits of information and use that to help you get move toward your career goals when the time is right.

3. Receive Confidential Alerts

When we have an opportunity that matches your next career move, we'll confidentially notify you. You decide if the time is right, and if so, we'll confidentially introduce you. 

4. Enjoy the Benefits of Our Network

We partner closely with Lou Adler and other trend setters in the Talent Acquisition space. This includes gaining access to Performance-based Hiring Learning Management System.

Answers to Your Most Important Questions

Do I need an updated resume?

I'm not actively considering a job change, would I still benefit from your network?

I'm just a "Tiptoer" and open to a potential job change, and don't really consider myself an active job seeker. Should I join the network?

Will my inbox be flooded with unwanted information, promotions and such?

Is my participation in your network confidential and can I be assured that my information remains confidential at all times?

Can you guarantee that you will find me my next job?

Would be OK for me to refer my Talent Acquisition - Recruiter colleagues?

Would my career as a Talent Acquisition professional benefit from becoming certified in Performance-based Hiring?

If I work for a Bradford Consulting client, can I still join?

Is Bradford Consulting hiring internal Recruiters?

What to Do Next

Middle Market CEO's: Need to Hire High Value Recruiters?

When you're ready to add to your staff, we would love to work with you. We have a Talent Acquisition Delivery System that works 24 x 7 x 365 in a market that we have mapped to include 267,358 professionals, of which 40,104 represent the best-of-the best. Contact us for a discovery discussion. Click the button below for a discussion.

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