Hire and Retain 'A' Players That Fit Your Culture

Align Your Team with 'A' Players Committed to Your Vision

An 'A' player is someone who has at least a 90% chance of achieving JOB SPECIFIC KPOs that only the top 25% could achieve. (TM)

4 Ways We Can Help - Details Below

Bradford Consulting is your partner in securing 'A' players (top 25%) who make a significant impact, with flexible fee structures and a reassuring pay-as-they-stay" guarantee.

Benefit from tailored "just for you" strategies, extensive candidate sourcing, rigorous assessments, and culture fit evaluations to assemble a team of 'A' players aligned with your organization's vision and goals. 


carl Bradford Fractional Advisor Consultant

This is a highly customizable solution that allows you flexibility only where you want assistance.

We serve as an outside Talent Advisor Consultant to your internal hiring team. Your fees are based on the areas and amount of help you want.

  • Design sourcing channels strategies
  • Create KPO search job descriptions
  • Add RPO capabilities to scale recruiting and reduce time to fill
  • Create marketing-style recruitment messages
  • Screen candidates and complete candidate Scorecards
  • Conduct in-depth performance-based interviews including panel interviews
  • Conduct KPO-based reference checks
  • Job Offer Testing to get higher acceptance
  • Onboarding Assistance

Full service search led by carl bradford

This is a traditional FULL-SERVICE outside search firm engagement. Pay-as-they-stay guarantee. Budget friendly.

We do everything in the Fractional Advisor role as part of the full search and your committment is for the agreed upon fee to take the search from beginning to end.

  • Implement sourcing strategy
  • Recruit Using KPO job description
  • Utilize marketing-style recruitment messages
  • Pre-screen using KPO job descriptons
  • Complete candidate scorecards
  • Prepare candidates for interviews
  • Debrief client an candidate
  • Note both party interest or concerns
  • Test potential job offers before becoming official
  • Bridge gap from acceptance until onboarding begins

Complete Hiring blueprint & strategy

Offering a comprehensive done for you recruitment strategy and hiring blueprint tailored for critical job roles, providing performance-based job descriptions, marketing-style recruitment messages, interview tools, and onboarding plans. Here’s what’s involved. 

  • Develop a performance-style/KPO job description defining on-the-job success factors.
  • Craft a recruitment message based on a marketing-style employee value proposition.
  • Create tailored interview questions mapped to the KPO job description.
  •  Design an interview scorecard for objective candidate assessment to reduce bias and improve accurate assessment.
  • Formulate a strategic offer plan to include trial offers.
  • Provide a detailed transition plan for seamless onboarding.
  • Optional: Hiring Team coach, and top of funnel candidate sourcing. 

EEOC workplace harassment and discrimination

Affirmative Defense, rooted in the landmark Supreme Court cases Faragher v. Boca Raton and Burlington Industries v. Ellerth (1998), represents a proactive commitment to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination.

This approach not only aligns with legal precedents but is pivotal in nurturing a respectful, inclusive, and legally compliant work environment.

  • Offered via our partnership who has a 100% success in defense!
  • Ensure a workplace policy to address complaints and provide resolution procedures.
  • Communicate the company’s policies and procedures to every employee..
  • We provide online training with tests to prove comprehension.
  • 3 month employee surveys to reset the clock.
  • Investigate any claims and with supporting documentation you did everything expected.

Ask us about our truly unique, budget friendly pay-as-they-stay guarantee.

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