Performance-based Hiring for Client Partners

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FAQ About Performance-based Hiring Methods

What is Performance-based Hiring?

Performance-based Hiring is a real, end-to-end business process for hiring. The method was developed and pioneered by Lou Adler, a colleague that I’ve worked with for over 20 years. Today it is used around the world by many companies who have replaced their old, ineffective and traditional hiring processes with Performance-based Hiring. This includes many organizations who have changed from traditional behavioral interviewing to a performance-based approach.

Employers would greatly benefit from this business process in several ways, especially when hiring in a highly competitive market where candidate supply is short and compensation pressure is high. Schedule a call with Carl Bradford for an exploratory discussion about how your organization’s ROI will benefit.

How Does Performance-based Hiring Differ from Behavioral Interviewing?

At its foundation, performance-based hiring is much more than an interviewing methodology. Our approach is a true, end-to-end business process that starts from a different perspective and progresses through specific steps until the person is hired, begins work, and well into their first 90 to 180 days of employment.

For the interviewing steps, a key and fundamental difference is that we include a trending approach which is not even considered in traditional behavioral interviewing. Another key difference is that our interview is very focused on job performance in relationship to the specific performance criteria of the job. We do not ask vague behavioral questions such as, “Tell me about a time…” Our interview method foundation consists of only two basic questions. These are referred to as the MSA question and the PS question. We build on these questions using a rigorous fact-finding probing questions to dig deep into the candidate’s background and draw real work comparisons to the performance-based job criteria.

Candidates can fake a behavioral interview style of interview. Additionally, candidates often present answers to the “tell me about a time….” question that aren’t as relevant to the job as they could be. By focusing our questions on the exactly what is required for success in a specific job, we get a much higher quality of answer from which to make a more accurate assessment of the candidate’s job fit and motivation to do your job.

You are invited to schedule a call with Carl Bradford to learn more about how we conduct our hospital search assignments, performance-based hiring methods, and determine how we can help you as one of our valued client partners find, and hire more top tier talent.


What are the Obvious Advantages of Your Search Process?

Carl Bradford has been privileged to work with hiring teams from many different business markets, as they transitioned to a performance-based hiring strategy. The consistent improvements enjoyed by these organizations have been remarkable. They begin seeing candidates they were unable to reach previously, and in so doing raised their talent bar substantially.

The organizations which took an open-minded approach to this change and implemented a performance approach to hiring, consistently improved their ability to attract higher caliber of talent, compete less on total compensation and retain their talent longer.

We partner with Client Partners to conduct searches within the administrative area for roles such as: CHROs, and Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Leaders. We utilize a performance-based approach for all our searches. In addition to providing higher caliber of talent, clients can experience this process and may elect to utilize for all hiring.

You are invited to schedule a call with Carl Bradford for more details about how we conduct our HR and Talent Acquisition search assignments using performance-based hiring methods, and determine how we can help you as one of our valued Client Partners find, and hire more top tier talent.

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