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Carl Bradford - Executive Recruiter

I’m Carl Bradford and I believe it’s important that you know that I have extensive experience as a recruiter, both nationally and internationally. I am considered an expert in performance-based hiring and am the lone person responsible for certifying recruiting teams around the world in this method. That means you will not be working with an inexperienced recruiter. I love meeting new professionals and assisting them to maximize their career opportunities. I often serve as a “career sounding board” for individuals who are considering a new career opportunity where I wasn’t responsible for making the introduction. If I can help in that regard, just let me know.

Confidentiality Always

We never, ever provide any information about you to a client before we first discuss the opportunity with you. Your resume or other career information never leaves here until we mutually agree a specific opportunity is worthy of consideration. We do not pitch resumes to clients, we present highly qualified talent that matches the client’s performance expectations and our candidate’s career objectives. This cannot be done without a rigorous discussion with our client and candidate.

Career Comes First

We always take a long-view of your career! When we’re discussing the potential for a new opportunity, we will always focus on your career first and a specific job opportunity second. If it isn’t a career move, it’s the wrong move.

Rigorous Career Discussion

When we have career discussions, expect us to take the time to fully understand and document your individual career objectives. When this discussion leads to a specific job you can expect a rigorous interview from us using performance-based criteria. Our interview utilizes a performance-based job profile co-developed with our client mapping specifically to performance objectives for that job. Based on that interview, we provide our client with an 11-Factor Quality of Hire Scorecard as part of the information provided to them relative to your candidacy.

Timely Career Insights

Making a career move with the long-view in mind is important. Timing is everything, both when you are actively pursuing a new opportunity, or when a new opportunity unexpectedly knocks on your door. We work to understand your short-and long-term career goals and keep your information in our confidential database so we can communicate with you when something remarkable becomes available that closely maps to your goals.

Unpublished Career Opportunities

Many of our career opportunities will not be advertised elsewhere. Even when they are, you are a busy HR or Talent Acquisition/Recruiting professional, and will not likely have the time to notice them. This is where we can help you by confidentially letting you know of an outstanding opportunity that maps to your individual career goals. We’ll provide you with an overview and you can make the decision whether to discuss this further with us.

Know The Real Job

We use a unique performance-based recruiting method. This is important to you because you will understand the exact job performance standards our client is looking for. You can expect specific job objectives which eliminates being surprised during the interview or when beginning the new job. We never accept a search assignment unless the client provides this information. We’re 100% transparent in providing you with this important insight.

Power Resume

We often work with our candidates to tailor their resume to best reflect their accomplishments in relationship to a specific job opening. However, we will never embellish your resume content. The purpose of this is to be very specific to showcase the most relevant background and accomplishments that map most directly to the opportunity that we’re discussing.

Career Compensation Focus

You should always be paid competitively. It’s a key focus for taking a long-view of your career. Sometimes great career moves can include up to a 30% non-monetary factor that is often overlooked. We’re experts at identifying all elements of compensation, both monetary and non-monetary and using that to help you make a better, more informative long-term career decision.

Counter Offers

When we begin serious pursuit of a new career opportunity, we fully expect that you have considered if you leave whether you can expect a counter offer at your current employer and if so, how you will respond. It is always best to have a clear understanding of your career opportunity at your current employer first, before agreeing to talk with a new prospective employer. Counter offers almost always focus on compensation and our view that while compensation is very important, it is not the key factor when considering a long-term career view.

Carl Bradford


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