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Carl Bradford Leads Every Search - 30+ Years of Technology Search Experience!

A proven Talent Acquisition process is key to technology hiring with a focus on A-Players. After four decades of experience successfully completed searches across multiple markets, we know how to find and technology transformation talent and help you meet your mission critical business objectives — quickly.

We're focused on understanding your unique staffing needs by beginning every search with a mutual understanding of what successful performance will look like once the person begins work.  We call these Key Performance Outcomes KPOs. Recruiting Based on Predetermined Key Performance Outcomes KPOs Specifically for Your Hiring Success.

Next, we create an EVP designed to engage passive candidates. Then we used our customized Digital Recruitment platform to present your message to these top people. Our system works 24x7, 365 and is capable of using multiple touchpoints with candidates who have been identified as having an achiever profile.

Toggle each of these phases for details.

Phase 1 - Pre-plan the Search with Our Client

Step 1 – Develop a Performance-outcome job description.

Create KPOs (Key Performance Objectives) that are complementary to a traditional skill and education-based job description. Identify what on-the-job success looks like in terms that appeal to high-achiever people.

Step 2 – Build an EVP (Employee Value Proposition).

Agree on a persona for the ideal candidate that addresses market position, competitive landscape, organizational structure, corporate culture and key reasons why someone would want this job.

Step 3 – Develop the Compensation and Benefits Package.

Reach agreement on basic salary, and any additional cash-based incentives. This might include bonuses, and commissions based on performance. Include non-cash benefits such as stock options and other benefits that aligns with the job.

Step 4 – Create a Search Strategy Using Digital Marketing Recruitment

Compile a targeted list of sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level contacts, and customized Digital Recruitment Marketing system.

Phase 2 - Implement the Search

Step 1 – Identify potential candidates using achiever strategies.

Deploy our Digital Marketing system to deliver the EVP message using a multi-touch strategy.

Step 2 – Interview and assess potential candidates.

Carl Bradford assesses candidate credentials, motivations, and career objectives and relevant achievements based upon performance based KPOs to ensure candidate can deliver critical job performance expectations. Look for a 30% non-compensation gap. Document assessment using Talent Assessment Scorecard.

Step 3 – Narrow the candidates to a ‘short list’ of Semi-finalists.

Top candidates are selected that our client’s culture and leadership style and whose past accomplishments best align with the exacting standards established in the KPO job description.

Phase 3 - Select the Top Pre-qualified Candidates

Step 1 – Present candidates to our client using our Talent Assessment Scorecard.

Provide client with pre-qualified candidates ready to engage in a serious career discussion with our client.

Step 2 – Schedule client/candidate interviews.

Coordinate logistics of interview process, including pre- and post-interview briefings with candidates and clients.

Step 3 – Work in Partnership with our client to select finalist candidate.

Consult with client to narrow down “short list” to finalists.

Step 4 – Complete reference checks.

Assist our client with candidate reference checks contacting supervisors, peers, customers and direct reports. This includes verification of performance against job KPOs.

Step 5 – Conduct pre-offer preparation.

Reconfirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance. We facilitate any negotiation on offer terms until agreement is reached by both parties. Official written offers aren’t made without verbal acceptance.

Phase 4 - Formal Job Offer & Close the Deal

Step 1 – Official offer is presented to the candidate.

Carl Bradford can present the offer or based on client preference; the offer will come directly from our client. This is typically done based on strategy and client policy.

Step 2 – Obtain formal acceptance of the offer.

Signed offer letter is returned to the client. We facilitate the candidate’s resignation process including written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.

Step 3 – Contact with candidate between resignation and reporting to work.

We encourage our client to fill the notice period with a variety of steps and activities to bridge the gap between resignation and the first day of employment. We can suggest how this can be done. This can prevent the rare unpleasant ‘surprise’. Our Digital Marketing platform can assist as required.

Step 4 – Follow-up with your new employee.

Bradford will contact your new employee at or near the first 30 days to check-in and see how things are going to help facilitate a smooth and continuous transition onto your teams.

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Carl has also worked with many Small Businesses as well as certified third-party staffing firms in Performance-based Hiring.

Examples of What Our Clients Say About Us

"Thanks for the continued help in our search for some of our most mission critical roles. A few weeks ago, I was afraid we might not find strong candidates in this candidate-driven market, and now, with your help, we'll probably have to make some tough decisions between well-qualified ones (which is a good/rare problem to have)!"

VP Talent Acquisition - Technology Employer

Thanks so much for your in-depth candidate interview scorecard! This was way more detailed than I was expecting. I really appreciate it!!!!

Also thanks for your guidance and insight, you have been a huge help and I truly appreciate it. Your assistance certainly helped up raise the bar within our Talent Acquisition Team.

Director Talent Acquisition - Global Manufacturer

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