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Best Google Job Search Tools That Are Free For Every Job Seeker to Use

These four free Goolge job search tools below can greatly speed up your search, provide more interesting jobs, ensure that you stay organized, and help you close the job offer. These can be used for any job search whether young or an ARRP senior, military veteran, or anyone in between.

This post will help answer the often asked question, "what tools are available to enhance your job search?"

JobSeer the Intelligent AI Job Search Tool

The free job search tool will help you quickly cut through the clutter of job openings using advanced AI (artificial intelligence) methods. It's called JobSeer and it's a free Chrome browser extension.

It's compatible with LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, Google Jobs, and Handshake and more. It is capable of coordinating your interviews, networking, company research. Here is are the steps.

1. Install the Google Chrome Extension

2. Go to your preferred job search board and look for the JobSeer widget

3. Upload your resume.

4. Input the job titles you'd like to search for.

5. Input your relevant job skills.

6. Input your desired location, experience level, and job type.

7. Receive a list of potential job matches within a ranked score.

8. Note the Utilizing Skills Matched/Unmatched, & Salary Insights information.

9. Use the Company Insights feature to find out more about the company.

10. Deploy the contract finding feature (emails) and locate the Hiring Manager/Recruiter.

Get the Chrome JobSeer extension here.

The Recruiter Job Board

Search over 2,000 jobs that have been assigned to external recruiting firms. There are about 700 search firms who list their jobs here on The Recruiter Job Board. 

These jobs are the most urgent employer job opportunities for these employers.

Apply directly to the recruiting firms using Bradford Consulting's integrated Recruiters Job Board. when the recruiter expresses interest expect a reply in 24-48 hours weekdays. They will be able to assist you throughout the hiring process and help you put your best self forward.

Get access to The Recruiter Job Board here.

Huntr the Job Search Tracker

Ever wonder about that great job you applied for? Can't remember what the job requirements were? Not sure which version of your resume you sent?  Maybe you forgot the company offering this great job.

No more. Forget messy spreadsheets. Introducing Huntr.

Collect, track and manage your job applications from across the Internet using Huntr. It's a free Chrome extension that that becomes your personal CRM to log notes, dates, tasks, descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more.

When an interview is made to you, you'll have all of your notes and information at your fingertips to be sure you express the right interest and ask the most insightful questions. 

Get the Google Chrome Huntr extension here.

5 Step Job Search Game Plan

This is a free The 5 Step Job Search Game Plan designed to answer your most basic and advanced job search questions. It is authored by Carl Bradford who brings over 40 years of recruiting expertise to this free job search course. 

It includes an introduction to an achievement-based resume, powering up your LinkedIn profile the way recruiters look for candidates, building your job search plan, acing the different types of interviews you will experience, and ends with great tips for negotiating your best salary.

Get instant access to The 5 Step Job Search Game plan here.

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