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Talent Leader

Thank you very much. I will definitely utilize your feedback. I am so happy with all this training (and coaching), it is really going to help my company, my team and myself.

Carl Bradford

Recruiting Consultant Coach and Trainer

What You’ll Get During This

Free Strategy Call

The purpose of this call is to discuss your biggest hiring challenges and determine possible strategies to reduce the hiring friction that often prevents being able to locate, engage and hire the best people. This includes beginning to understand some of the causal effects that are key to reducing and/or eliminating these challenges.

My work for the past 25+ years has including working with 2,000+ recruiters and their teams to help them successfully work through their hiring challenges and become more competitive in their ability to hire more top people. My work has spanned multiple industries and job families through their organizational structure.

Our initial phone discussion is always free of charge designed to explore our fit. Our call will be a real working session, not a sales pitch in disguise. Our conversation will be sufficient to determine if we both wish to proceed. This has to be a good fit for both of us so it becomes a Win-Win outcome!

I commit to investing my time to get to know you and your organization and understand your unique challenges to determine how I can best support you and your teams to form a valuable partnership.

If we mutually decide to move forward to the next step, I will put together a Plan of Action to ensure we understand the project deliverables, timetable and our mutual commitment of time, resources, and ROI for your monetary investment.

One hire that you wouldn’t have otherwise made is more than adequate to produce an ROI that more than covers your investment. Of course, our goal would be to achieve multiples of great hires well into the future to 5X or 10X your investment.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Come to the call prepared to discuss your biggest hiring challenge(s). This includes what you've done to eliminate them. What do you believe are the major causes?

Think about your hiring plans for the next 12 months and tell me what failing to accomplish that will mean.

What Happens During the Call

The strategy consultation call will typically be up to 45 minutes to discuss your biggest hiring challenges. I'll ask a lot of questions and suggest some potential solutions. This will include potential next steps you might consider. 

Regardless of our decision, you'll get my best, actionable advice.

What Changes After the Call

We'll have a frank, professional assessment of our call to determine we mutually believe we can create a win-win solution for you.

If we mutually agree to move forward we'll set up a next steps call where we'll both ask and answer questions to set up a plan of action for a project that will take your hiring to the next level.

About Carl Bradford

I help employers solve difficult hiring challenges using insights, secrets, tips, wisdom and discoveries learned from 40 years of recruiting and certifying 2,000 corporate recruiters in Performance KPO methods. 

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Why These Talent Leaders Recommend Having a

Free Consultation Call

My approach is flexible and built around understanding your unique hiring challenges. This is built within the framework of Performance KPOs, EVP principles, Diversity and ensuring everyone on the hiring team is equipped to make accurate candidate assessments.

The end results more than justify your initial call to see how this process will work for you. Here is a summary of comments from Talent Acquisition Leaders who are now beating their competitors to the top talent in their market segments. You can join them in your search for more top people!


Director of Talent Acquisition

The results we achieved were much different than in prior postings because we hadn’t done as many (or if any) searches to understand the talent in the marketplace to understand how competitive it would be to fill this role. Our typical approach would be to post and pray, which is not the best method to finding top talent. I uncovered that it is rare...


Global Talent Acquisition Manager

I have to admit that I was skeptical about how this process could be so much better than what I was currently doing. It was difficult at first to re-tool my 20 some years of recruiting to think a different way. The real results began to become apparent, from the recruiting perspective, was the detail I gathered about...


Talent Leader - Technology

Thanks so much for this. This was way more detailed than I was expecting. I really appreciate it!!!!

Thank you for your detailed explanation and feedback throughout this process. It does help a lot. I appreciate how you took the time to drill down and explain specifically what I need to do and the better...

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