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Why You Need a Powerful LinkedIn Profile When You’re Not Looking For a Job

Lesson 8 Module 3

Why Would You Want a Powerful LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is more than a social platform for job seekers. Much more!

It's a vital part of your brand where you can connect with people who may want to purchase a product from you or your company. They may want to connect for a variety of professional reasons, or even set up a meeting with you to discuss any number of topics related to your profession.

You want to be found and seen as SWK (Someone Worth Knowing). This brief lesson will provide more details.

Remember, LinkedIn is used for a variety of reasons to find other people. This includes finding potential job candidates, locating service providers, building strategic partnerships, and developing professional relationships with like-minded people. When someone conducts a search on LinkedIn they get a list of search results. It's important your profile be part of the results for reasons that map to your goals, and business objectives.

When it comes to business it's all about people. You've heard it said, "people do business with people." And with the invention of the Internet, its become so much easier to research and learn more about companies and their employees, i.e. their people.

All it takes is a few clicks and you can find out something about the people that make up these businesses. Many companies have LinkedIn company pages, Facebook pages, Instagram pages. Often senior team members are listed on these website properties.

The first thing an interested person does it place the name into LinkedIn and reviews their profile. That applies to you.

Other people purchase business databases that have information about companies, their products and their key people. Theses databases have links back to LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn profiles have become the de facto website for everyday professionals. Enter a person's name into a Google search and most of the time, a Link to that person's LinkedIn profile is among the very first search results.

What do people find when they arrive at your LinkedIn profile? You need to keep in mind that your profile is your online reputation, digital introduction and first impression. That's good news for you because you have complete control over your profile and can shape how your reader perceives you.

You must keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile is more than an online resume. You should never just paste your resume into your profile. Yes, it must be in sync with your resume, but your profile is more of a marketing and branding document of you. It's your opportunity to tell your professional story, and should be approach strategically by showcasing your accomplishments, goals and most of all directed to a targeted audience.

As covered in the first lesson, you must must be SWK. And equally important you'll want your profile to be optimized for the best top talent and professional terms.

A powerful LinkedIn profile will be worth many, many thousands of dollars to you over the course of your career! Well into the seven figures. It's an investment and one that you should consider consulting with a proven LinkedIn branding and market expert. In the long run, you'll be happy you did! 

Learn More About a LinkedIn Profile Makeover -  Become SWK

When you get discovered, your odds of landing your dream job go up dramatically. You can elevate your professional online presence with an expertly written LinkedIn profile.

Keep in mind that 122 million people got an interview through LinkedIn in 2019. With more than 660 million LinkedIn members worldwide, having a profile that stands out is essential to your job-search success.

Even if you're not in a current job seeking mode, your resume should present you as SWK. Click the button below to learn more. 

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