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Video: What is the 5 Step Job Search Game Plan

Lesson 1 Module 1

Introductory Video: 2:08 in length

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How Comfortable Are You with Your Answers the Following 9 Questions?

  1. The effectiveness of your resume and LinkedIn profile to present you as meeting the achiever pattern? Have you incorporated special “achiever terms” used by recruiters to find top performers? Hint: it’s more than your key skill terms!
  2. Will your resume pass the double scan test?
  3. Do you know which kind of resume that a study found that recruiters valued as 7% more valuable in terms of compensation?
  4. Want to know where to find a free resume critique or a free resume mastery course?
  5. Are you using a spreadsheet or a dedicated job search software? If you aren’t using a special software to organize and track your job search activities and target employers, you’re not as effective as you could be.
  6. Do you know the 7 types of interviews and how to be your best regardless of which type you face?
  7. How about an interview follow-up communication that’s more powerful than a “thank-you” note?
  8. Want to know the best way to negotiate the strongest compensation?
  9. How would you like to find some true executive and mid-career bonuses, including how to be more in control of your career future?

The Job Search Process Reverse Engineered

I’ve reverse engineered the hiring processes most often used by employers to find, engage, interview, and select people for their jobs.

My reverse engineering process is based on certifying 2,000+ recruiters from large and small employers in multiple industries in the highly acclaimed Performance-based Hiring process. Here are just a few of those companies.

This short eCourse contains some of my best job search and career advice along with key resources that I know will lead to you uncovering more job opportunities and being more successful in your interviews and salary negotiations. 

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