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The Relationship of Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Lesson 7 Module 3

The Power of the Right Resume and LinkedIn Profile

How does having a LinkedIn profile and including it on a job seeker’s resume actually affect callback rates when it comes to applying to job openings online?

The staff at ResumeGo wondered the same thing and conducted a study using 24,570 which were submitted to a number of jobs that included Indeed.com, ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor.

The results showed that 'Job seekers with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview!" The study categorized jobs as entry-level, mid-level or managerial level.

For reasons known only to some job seekers, they continue to neglect using LinkedIn as part of their job search strategy. Most recruiters will review your LinkedIn profile as part of their regular due diligence process before deciding to invite you for an interview.

Their study applying to 24,570 job openings regarding the impact of having or not having a LinkedIn profile also measured the difference between having a bare-bones profile vs. having a comprehensive LinkedIn profile. They wanted to know what the callback rate was, so they evenly divided these resume submittals into three groups of job applicants. Here's what they discovered.

  • 1
    Group 1. These job applicants did not use LinkedIn at all. They had no LinkedIn profile at all.
  • 2
    Group 2. This group of job applicants had a bare-bones LinkedIn profile. These people had only the most basic information and did not utilize all of the LinkedIn features, including a profile summary of less than 500 characters, no profile picture, etc. 
  • 3
    Group 3. This group of job applicants all had comprehensive LinkedIn profiles. They had profiles that had been thoroughly optimized with the purposeful intention of impressing employers. They had summaries of over 1000 characters, 300+ connections, dense bullet-point or paragraph-based descriptions for work experience and a professional headshot. 

The findings of this study suggest that job seekers who invest their time into creating a professional LinkedIn profile have a considerable advantage over job seekers who don’t. However, if employers see that little time and effort were put into creating the LinkedIn profile, there is no benefit in having one.

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