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Searching for Active Job Listings

Lesson 11 Module 5

Searching For Active Jobs

Other Internet Job Sources

I'm not going to repeat the job board information here other than to mention some of the top boards that I'm sure you're already familiar with. I find that the larger job aggregators like Indeed.com are some of the best at gathering jobs from across the Internet. Click on any of the following to review the site.

  1. Indeed.com
  2. Simply Hired
  3. LinkedIn Jobs
  4. ZipRecruiter
  5. Monster
  6. CareerBuilder
  7. Glass Door
  8. Dice for Technical Jobs
  9. Google
  10. LinkUp

There are literally hundreds of job boards, many of which serve very narrow, specialized niches. Click here for one such list of 100+ job boards. Here is a Google search string that should bring up links where you can find the most current information for the past year.

These jobs are supposed to be active jobs, however you may find that some jobs haven't been removed even though the job has been filled or canceled.

Professional and Trade Associations

You may belong to a professional association who provides a niche job board. If so, be sure not to overlook those. These tend to highly targeted to the specific association and more likely to have opportunities which match your background and experience.

Don't forget to also think about trade groups as well.

This also makes for an often overlooked place to network. People who are the current officers or past officers of these groups are usually very giving people who are open to help. Approach them with an informational interview as discussed in one of the next lessons.

Here is a Google search link that will be a good starting place to research this topic.

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