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Part 1 – Safely Making the Transition to Owning Your Own Business

Lesson 28 Module 8

Why Would You Want to Own Your Own Business?

Have you ever thought about owning your own business? If so, the following information is worthy of review. All of it in order to overcome any first impressions and potential bias. Click on each of the topics below for details.

Real people, real reasons, real stories. Do any of these sound like you?

"I have worked in large corporations for nearly 25 years. I'm looking to apply my experiences as well as learn/ grow in new and exciting ways. Sr. Director, Global Information Security, and Business Continuity

“Flexibility, income potential, not having to interview with recruiters 1/2 my age telling me I am not qualified. Being my own boss.” West Coast Sales Rep Selling enterprise software to companies with $1.5b+ revenue

“I am a hard worker and would like to see my success pay off for myself instead of a large corporation” CFO also responsible for a leadership team and traveling from NYC to CA

“I have always had a dream of being my own boss, but with wife and family obligations, I haven’t done this. I now want to pursue this. I am anxious but cautious. I have a son that is struggling in the corporate world, not because of skills, but following rules. I want to find a business where he can participate, and be successful, with my coaching. Hopefully attractive and successful enough I can bring my other son into.” Director, Corporate Procurement

“Making my own decisions, and enjoying the benefits of those decisions. Making my own schedule.” Traditional Business Owner, responsible for all financial duties taxes, year-end, pension admin, etc. Sales, Buying, implementing new systems, merchandising, etc. EVERYTHING

“I have the broad skill set required to run a business. I like the idea of building my own business. I like making money for myself.” General Manager, responsible for regional operations, fleet operations, marketing, and client relations.

“I want freedom to make all the business decisions. I want to be in charge of my own destiny” Co-Owner of a contractual consulting company.

Owning Your Own Business - Escaping Corporate America

Would it surprise you to know that about 83% of people have a least pondered owning their own business? That's also about the percentage that have at least wondered, "what would owning a franchise be like as a way of becoming a business owner?"

This lesson is about becoming a franchise owner and using OPM (see FAQ section below) to finance your investment. If you're not open minded about at least exploring this from a different perspective, then you'll want to move to another lesson. There's a lot of myths and bias that prevent people from at least learning about franchising the right way...so they can make an informed decision. You'll learn the right way in this lesson. You'll get the correct information on which to make an informed decision.

Did you know, or have you thought about, keeping your job AND still owning a franchise? It's very doable and there are tremendous personal, financial rewards and advantages to being a franchise owner!

Another statistic I read says of those that ponder this question, about 1% do it correctly. The difference is that the 1% mentally start from the same place, but their underlying approach is disproving different franchise opportunities so they can dismiss self-employment as a career option and return to a career where they must be "chosen" for the job vs. them choosing a career where they're in control.

Check Out These Advantages and FAQ

  • Bradford Consulting is NOT a franchise consultant! We know the best franchise consultant you will ever meet. It's just part of our full-service career guidance expertise. We refer interested and qualified people to our consultant of choice.
  • Franchising is a great option for people interested in opening a business because it gives you freedom, flexibility and control.
  • What is OPM mentioned earlier? That's using Other People's Money. A franchise consultant will be able to guide you on this topic. Many successful franchisees make strategic use of OPM. This means you only need to put a certain percentage down, in may cases you can gain debit service for the remainder. A good consultant will have professional funding partners to help you evaluate your possible funding options, all while not being obligated to use these services.
  • Your franchise investment can be done as a full-time owner, part-time owner and/or semi-absentee owner
  • The advantages of using a franchise consultant saves you a tremendous amount of time by assisting you to become an educated franchise buyer who becomes laser-focused on what and how they're investigating.
  • The services of a franchise consultant are always free. If someone is asking you to hire them to help you find, learn and/or investigate a franchise there's something wrong!
  • You never pay more for a franchise when using a franchise consultant. Not a dime more! The franchise fees are always the same, regardless of how the introduction is made!
  • A franchise consultant will help you to get the 'real numbers' because they know which numbers to look for, how to find them and how to get you qualified to see them. You have to be approved to purchase a franchise and your consultant will help guide you through this exciting career choice.
  • A great franchise consultant's approach will be simple and straight forward. Their goal is to increase your chances of being success as a franchise owner. Their initial consultation is to understand your previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses and needs. This includes your target market and what you're looking for. They will have a streamlined process that is proven and works.
  • A great franchise consultant will not pressure you to do anything. The entire objective is education. This includes providing unbiased guidance and advice; never to sell you anything. "Selling" a franchise to a less than ideal candidate is generally a recipe for failure for both the franchisee and franchisor.

Give Your Future Career at Least 15 Minutes

Let me introduce you to the one person I trust who will consult with you and determine if you should continue down the franchising path. She is a polished professional that has a vast in depth knowledge of the franchising world across every possible franchise market! She will NOT high pressure you into pursuing becoming a franchise owner!

I'll introduce you and she'll schedule a 15 minute exploratory phone call and help you determine if this is the right path for you. It you mutually agree that you'd like to explore it further, she's the perfect franchise coach!

Her services are always FREE. You never pay a dime...to get the full advantage of her broad knowledge.

Is it time to take control and do something for yourself?

Do you want to discover the fastest, PROVEN way to find your perfect franchise that give you the freedom, independence and the lifestyle you want...all while keeping your current job or new career? Is your career worth 15 minutes of your time?

Schedule a brief exploratory call with Carl Bradford. If we mutually agree, I'll make the introduction to our Franchise Consultant of Choice.

If you like to take a deeper dive into the topic of becoming a business owner, be sure to also review our lesson on franchise ownership which will answer the most common questions on that form of business ownership, including address common myths and misunderstandings. Click on the NEXT LESSON below for this additional information.

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