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Introducing Specialized Job Search Management Software

Lesson 9 Module 4

Why You Need a Dedicated Job Search Tracker

In your job search, you will come across and create immense amounts of data. Networking contacts, target companies and jobs you apply to; dates; contact info; follow-up notes; communication with contacts…. there is SO MUCH to keep track of.

Remember: You aren’t keeping track of it because you are all-of-the-sudden obsessive-compulsive and like to record everything you can. You are keeping track of it because if you DON’T, you’ll find yourself drowning within days of starting your job search.

Here is a Preview of Your Job Search Dashboard

To be most efficient with the time you spend doing your job search, you’ll want to make sure you have an effective Tracking System. You’re going to want to make sure you are keeping detailed records of your job search activities, including phone calls, meeting notes, emails, and networking conversations. You will also want to make sure you’re accurately keeping track of open positions (and ones that close), and people you meet or interact with who are somehow connected to those positions. This is crucial to keeping your job search organized and productive.

You might miss appointments, or be unprepared for conversations (interview, networking, etc.), and you’ll miss opportunities. Which is why this job search tracking system idea is critical!

Can You Answer These Questions?

  • How do you keep track of all your resume submissions?
  • Which jobs did you already apply to?
  • Do you know exactly what you told a particular recruiter?
  • Is it time to follow-up on older applications?
  • Who have you networked with and what is the status of those contacts?
  • Which companies have you selected to target and who within those companies do you want to contact?

Here’s Some Important Details For You to Ponder

Click each of the topics below for details.

Organizing Your Job Search

Track who you talked, and what you discussed. You must know who you talked to, who you need to talk to, where you apply, when to follow-up, who you want to apply to, when you applied somewhere, which version of which resume you submitted, how to contact someone (which email or phone number), etc. There's a link below to a tool that helps you stay organized in your job search...and much, much more!

Managing Your Job Search

Stay in control of your job search. You must be in control of what you are doing, instead of just reacting to circumstances. You not only organize your data, but you manage your activities and your relationships. This dedicated, online job-specific PRM (Personal Relationship Management) can help you know who, when, what and even how - when it comes to managing your job search.

When you organize and manage your job search, you are in control. You aren’t reactive and whimsical. You are prepared, strategic, and purposeful. 

Track and Manage Personal and Business Relationships

You need your own PRM - Personal Relationship Management software. Networking is a big part of your job search, but meeting so many people in a job search is overwhelming and can quickly become information overload. The tool found in the link below will become your personal networking solution to help you keep track of who you meet, how you met, what you talk about, what you should follow-up about, when you should follow-up, and the complex relationships between your contacts and target companies and jobs you are interested in.

Track and Manage Your Target Companies

Target companies play a critical role in your job search. You’ll be able to track them easily with your Personal Relationship Management online tool. Every job seeker should have a list of target companies they are strategically working on networking into. How do you keep track of every touch point you have with a company? It gets confusing and messy, and as time goes on you miss opportunities that would have gotten you closer to your next job.

Personal Relationship Manager - History

A specialized job search tool from industry pros. The Personal Relationship Management tool for your job search also comes with top-notch support. The creator of this tool is Jason Alba who from 2006, has perfected this PRM tool that has a crazy name. It's called JibberJobber

Jason provides blog posts and articles, and videos and courses to help job seekers with their job search, networking, career management, and even entrepreneurship. You can read about personal branding, multiple streams of income, interviewing, using LinkedIn in a job search, informational interviews, and much more in his learning center.

Check Out the Details of What this Online Job Search Tool Offers

This tool includes access to the JibberJobber Video Library, which has many courses that help you with your career management. The “How To” section of the blog details how many features in JibberJobber work. The “Getting Started” section of the Video Library helps you get up and running with JibberJobber features.

Use JibberJobber to help you organize and manage your job search, and get the support you need to navigate today’s best career management strategies and tactics.

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