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How to Test Your Resume Effectiveness With a Free Resume Critique

Lesson 5 Module 2

How Good is Your Resume? Free to Find Out What Employers Think!

Should you trust every free resume critique service you come across?

Absolutely Not!

All resumes are not created equal. Neither are professional resume writers. There is only one style of resume that I've found that will greatly increase your odds of getting an interview. I increased my resumes submitted to interviews scheduled by 312% when I began to use this template. Click on my case study below to learn more. 

It's a 100% honest and factual description of you that will pass through the employer's digital scanning process into their ATS (applicant tracking system) and be flagged for review by a human. 

Your resume then must pass the human test quickly, about 6 to 10 seconds, and create interest with the reader. It must connect with the 'message playing inside their' head. Only then, will the reader move from a scan to really reading your resume.

Most resume fail one or the other of these tests, i.e. the digital or human scan test.

Does a Professionally Written Resume Make a Difference?

The short answer it absolutely does! Click the Case Study box below for my personal case study.

Case Study Working  With a Large US Employer

Here's more proof!

In late 2018 a Brooklyn-based consulting firm that champions a data-centered and validated learning approach to product development, a two-part study was performed to answer two critical questions:

  1. Do recruiters perceive candidates with professionally written resumes to be more desirable and employable?
  2. Do job seekers significantly benefit from investing in a professionally written resume?

Here is short summary of those findings.

Here is short summary of those findings.

  1. Remember the human scan mentioned above. Recruiters rated the professionally written resumes much better nearly twice as often as the self-written resumes: 66% vs. 34%.
  2. When presented with the professionally written resume versions, respondents rated them for how well they demonstrated the candidate’s ability to deliver results 57% of the time, versus 35% of the time for the original versions.
  3. Recruiters perceived candidates with professionally written resume to be worth 7% more than other candidates.
  4. Candidates who had their resumes professionally rewritten by a top resume writer (the one I recommend) had a 32% higher rate of landing a new job than those who did not.
  5. Among candidates with self-written resumes, 14% reported landing a new job, compared to 46% among those with professionally written resumes.
  6. Most candidates (68%) who used a professionally written resume landed that new job within three months, and nearly half (42%) advanced to a higher position

What Benefits Can You Expect from a Free Qualified Resume Critique?

  1. You should expect an unbiased perspective of your resume. 
  2. You should receive specific details and examples from your resume.
  3. Your resume is a strategic document and you should expect a focus on strategy.
  4. You should be given constructive criticism.
  5. If you've already had your resume written by a professional resume writer, you'll get a valuable second opinion.

The bottom line is this: When done correctly, an online resume critique should be the foundation to the process for improving your resume, whether you choose to do it yourself or turn to a professional resume writer. The critique should provide insights that you couldn't see yourself, not just observations. After all, that's what expert feedback is all about. Ultimately, it should be a starter tool you can use to strengthen your resume.

Not all online resume critiques are created equal, however. Pay attention to resume-critique services that provide accurate, objective value and meet the criteria outlined above. The top resume writing services will do this, providing proven strategies and insights and even offering sample resumes and other resources for job seekers to consider.

There's enough stress and uncertainty involved in a job search. Don't let a resume critique contribute to more. Choose a free resume critique designed to be helpful. Use the links below for more information.

Free Resume Critique

Get a FREE no obligation review of your resume. Learn what recruiters are looking for and how to present yourself on paper to maximize opportunities. Get objective feedback on your layout, language and how well your resume communicates your skills and expertise. Get personalized recommendations tailored to you and compatibility with ATS scanning software

Reviewed by the most trusted team on the planet, with over 16 million resumes reviewed and over 500,000 resumes written.

Free Resume Master Class

 Get resume writing guidance for an eye-popping, confidence-building door-opener without hours of agonizing revisions! This free training is concise yet packed with FIVE radically differentiated resume crafting strategies.

Your training is presented by Jonathan Flaks with over 21 years of experience helping people discover outstanding career and business success, personal freedom and work-life balance. He's one of the first 500 coaches to earn the Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.

Get a Professional Resume

Get an expertly written resume using the best keywords and optimized for discovery and scanning. Your resume will become a expert guide during your interviews focusing on your very best work.

Your resume will strengthen your value and help you to negotiate the most competitive compensation. See how you can stand out in today’s crowded job market.

Service done by a world-class firm who have created over 500,000 resumes. Invest in your career to realize an exceptional ROI.

Combination Job Search Package

Immediately improve your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.Get a standout resume, a custom crafted cover letter template, help with your LinkedIn profile and two career coaching assessments from a highly regarded executive who will provide immediate insights on your strengths and challenges.

This includes a 2-minute training video, a professionally wordsmithed resume with two sets of revisions and informal coaching how to position yourself to land a new job quickly.

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