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How to Get a Standout Resume that Gets Interviews

Lesson 2 Module 2

Your Resume Should Be As Unique As Your Own Fingerprint

Your resume creates the first impression of you, before you ever speak to an employer. You are unqiue and that's why your resume should be as unique as your fingerprint.

Think of it as your personal 'brand' because that's what it is.

You should avoid online, boilerplate resume templates. As you'll discover in the next lesson, your earning potential is directly related to how people perceive you. You'll see in this lesson how a resume can make many, many thousands of dollars difference over the lifespan of your career. Be sure to go that lesson and use the calculator to see the difference.

Heavy reliance on most templates found online and using verbiage from someone else’s resume is a very big, common mistake! Going too far in that direction will give you at best a C+ or B- resume and I want you to have an A+ resume. It makes all the difference in the world.

The first and most important purpose of your resume is to convince the reader that you are worthy of an interview. 

  • Shift Your Focus: Your resume must shift to an 'achiever' / 'accomplishment' style that will successfully pass the employer's digital scan as well as instantly grab the attention of a human scanning your resume for the first time.
  • Build on a Solid Foundation. Your resume is the foundation of your job search. Today, that means your LinkedIn profile must be as good as your resume and should be a close mirror image of your resume. You'll find more detailed information about that topic in the Step 1b course. If you build your search on a shaky foundation you’re almost certainly going to get less than desired results.
  • I'll show you how to get a LinkedIn profile that employers will be able to discover and one that will stimulate their interest in talking with you.

The achiever resume style that I use has allowed me to increase my candidate’s interview submittal to interview invitations by a whopping 312%. My candidates have referred to it as 'my secret sauce.'

How My Secret Sauce Was Conceived and Proved - A Short Story

Let me take you back a number of years ago to a time when I became more and more frustrated at how often employers would turn down one of my candidates after their initial resume review. Their decisions were being made despite my supporting interview notes that clearly reinforced why the candidate should be seriously considered.

I realized that if my candidate's resume format (which I was using as is at the time) was causing rejection without an interview when at the same time my client saw me as a trusted recruiter. Needless to say this is a problem that was impacting my candidate's career and my income. It had to be solved!

 So realizing this, how much more difficult must it be for other good candidates who are applying directly to employers and relying totally on their resume being good enough for an invitation to interview!

If you’ve ever experienced your resume disappearing into that “resume black hole” when you know you’re qualified to do the job, then you’ll understand. I think that most people using this course have been there at least once or twice.

It means you didn’t even get into the game. My objective is to help you use a resume that will get you in the game more often!

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