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Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile That Gets Discovered

Lesson 6 Module 3

Why LinkedIn Is Critical to a Successful Job Search

  • Over 97% of recruiters say LinkedIn is their first and primary place to connect with top talent! 
  • 122 million people got an interview through LinkedIn in 2019.
  • About 15% of all LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers. That's about 90 million influencers. 
  • About 63 million, almost one in ten LinkedIn users are decision-makers. 
  • About 40 million are mass affluent users. 
  • About 17 million are categorized as opinion leaders. 
  • About 10 million are C-level executives.
  • About 30 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become so trusted by recruiters and hiring managers they will often substitute your LinkedIn profile for a resume - early in the recruitment process - to conduct early phone interviews. Once they do receive your resume they'll compare your LinkedIn profile to your resume. Both must be compelling and in sync.

With more than 660 million LinkedIn members worldwide, having a profile that stands out is essential to your job-search success. 

LinkedIn is the biggest business social media site. This means that the audience you’re targeting is made up of professionals who engage on the platform on a business level. Since LinkedIn allows you to research and target your audience by seniority, it is important for marketers to understand the demographics of those professionals on the site.

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Must Be Optimized

Did you know when recruiters search for top candidates on LinkedIn they use special terms often referred to as "achiever terms"and "clever Boolean Terms?" There are six categories of terms, each with specific words, terms and phrases that top people add to their LinkedIn profiles. This makes them SWK as explained below

This allows the recruiters to take hundreds of search results with similar background and narrow the search down to a few select people. Their rationale for doing this because they don't have time to look through hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and they know that top people are more likely to have taken the time to seed their profiles with achiever terminology. It's unlikely you would know which terms to use so that recruiters find your resume. 

That's why you must optimize your resume to be found and selected from among the hundreds of people with similar profiles.

The Best Way to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Be Selected

It's difficult for most people to write about themselves. Even professional writers often seek consultation from others to put together a compelling LinkedIn profile. Your profile is not the same as your resume. Yes, they do have to be in sync, but your profile is even more important since it's a public document, i.e. your personal brand.

Think about this. You can tailor your resume to specific jobs (and you should do that), but your LinkedIn profile cannot be tailored everytime you apply for or inquire about several job opportunities. Yet it's a proven fact that potential employers will almost always go to LinkedIn to check your profile out before engaging with you as a candidate.

Your profile should help you stand out from the crowd by positioning you as an expert in your industry and someone who deserves to be noticed. This is what we call SWK; or Someone Worth Knowing.

Very few people get this right without some professional help. This includes the special terms, words and phrases that recruiters will use to find their top candidates.

How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Powerful Career Tool

As a recruiter who has trained and certified 2,000+ recruiters in Performance-based Hiring from employers large and small, I come from a unique position.

Click For Examples of Recruiting Teams Carl Bradford Has Certified in Performance-based Hiring.

Working with these recruiters as they review LinkedIn profiles, I've been able to see how they make decisions about which person to pursue. We've taught them how to use these specialized terms, words and phrases to find top people.

I highly recommend that you make a modest investment in your career success by engaging a professional who can turn your profile into SWK.  

The right resume professional know how to optimize your heading, and every part of your profile.They have experience optimizing profiles that will leverage your career success. They will know, based on your unique skills, experiences and credentials how to create the content to make you SWK!

Since many people with a LinkedIn profile do not understand the value of a professionally optimized LinkedIn profile, you'll gain a competitive advantage.

Food for thought. Many people pay a professional to prepare and file their US income taxes, but are reluctant to pay a professional to help them prepare a LinkedIn profile and/or resume.

I am a firm that has an outstanding reputation for turning ordinary LinkedIn profiles into award winning profiles that are sure to help you stand out from the crowd. 

Learn More About a LinkedIn Profile Makeover - Become SWK

When you get discovered, your odds of landing your dream job go up dramatically. You can elevate your professional online presence with an expertly written LinkedIn profile.

Keep in mind that 122 million people got an interview through LinkedIn in 2019. With more than 660 million LinkedIn members worldwide, having a profile that stands out is essential to your job-search success.

Even if you're not in a current job seeking mode, your resume should present you as SWK. Click the button below to learn more. 

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