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Asking for the Job: Power Follow-up

Lesson 21 Module 6

Use an 'Influencer' Letter in Place of a Thank-you Note

You should always follow-up with the employer after your interview. In case you missed it, there is an example of a good follow-up email in the prior Panel Interview lesson. The Power Follow-up takes this step to a new level. Use this concept of an influencer letter in place of a shorter emailed note.

The following strategy is a powerful one and will separate you from your competitors AND help make a strong case for your candidacy. 

You can use the following email template as a guide when sending your follow-up email. When your interviews involved several key people, you can customize it a bit for each person. It's likely you have key points of discussion that may be similar, but a bit difference that will help you customize each of your emails.

Download your template using the link below.

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