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recruitment process automation

Recruitment Process Automation

IntroductionIn the business world, many recruiting processes can be automated to make things run more smoothly. Implementing a recruitment process automation of recruiting tasks is one of those areas where automation can be incredibly useful as part of the hiring process.What are some of the common uses for recruitment automation tools?Programmatic job posting to multiple […]

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hiring during covid-19

Hiring During Covid-19 Pandemic

Creating Talent Acquisition Team Value While Hiring During Covid-19What should Talent Acquisition Leaders do when open requisitions are suddenly put on hold, or canceled with no hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic impact on hiring?Among several immediate questions and concerns is, “what impact does hiring during COVID-19 mean for my Recruiting Team and their future? Will […]

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The Hiring Process: Recruiter’s Hub

The Hub of the Recruiter’s WheelThe misplaced hub of most recruiters cause multiple challenges that are unnecessary!Think of a recruiter’s search for top candidates as being like a wheel. Every search in the recruiter’s wheel is built around some sort of hub. The question is, “what does the right hub look like?”

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