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There's a Fix for That Today!

Have you ever wondered if you could significantly improve the quality and quantity of candidates interested and applying for your most critical job openings?

There’s something new in 2020 that makes this not only possible but is being realized by first-mover employers. This amazing new approach has been developed by an ex Marketing Manager. This should be used in combination with our Digital Recruiter Solution.

The following explains how.

I’m Carl Bradford and these cliff notes from my case study shows how you can optimize your recruiting message for 2020.  Look for comments on how AI (artificial intelligence) combined with specific human expertise has dramatically improved employer’s recruitment messages. This is the specific solution we offer, called a blended search as explained here.

Research shows that 90% of all job searches start on a search engine. This includes Google, major and niche job boards, job aggregators and company career websites. This applies to active job candidates and passive candidates after their interest is piqued by a direct contact.

Focus on These Four Things First


How to Make Sure Your Job Ad Message Can be Found

Make your job ad easier to be found during a candidate job search. If it’s not found, it doesn’t matter what your message is.

Think SEO for job ads. Job listing content can be designed not only based certain keywords, and now in 2020 AI (artificial intelligence) can also factor in the search intent of the candidate, which will allow the search engines to return a more targeted search results of during a candidate's online search for a new career opportunity.


How to Reduce Gender Bias

Research shows that over 70% of all job posts are gender biased! Most of it unintentional by the employer. 

AI (artificial intelligence) can now apply gender decoding analyses and remove subtle gender-coded language and unconscious bias. Gender-neutral wording in job listings get 42% more responses according to ZipRecruiter who use data scientists to analyze several million job posts.

This includes up to a 23% increase in female applications including STEM jobs. Studies by the American Psychological Association found seemingly innocuous words could actually signal a gender bias in your job ads.

Harvard Business Review reported that men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, but women apply only if they meet 100% of them.

The words you use matter. A lot!


How to Right-size Your Job Post

The most effective ads consist of around 300 words (1500 characters), with a job title length of just 29 characters. In fact, anything under 500 words will increase application numbers by an average of 12%.

All of the main search engines for jobs are run on algorithms who always prioritize relevant content and searchable content/relevancy over non-optimized content, spamming content which is 7000 characters too long.

According to LinkedIn’s Talent Report October 2018, 99% of job descriptions are painfully long and boring. Since so few companies invest in job descriptions, there is so much room to stand out.


How to Increase Recruiter Productivity

Talent Acquisition Teams can save 100’s hours per month getting their roles optimized that proves successful in driving significant new revenues for their businesses.

There’s a new solution available for 2020 that makes this all possible by combining AI (artificial intelligence) with experienced copywriter review. Any job ad can be can now be optimized and returned to you under 4 hours. This can also include optimizing dozens of jobs to free up recruiter’s time to interview and close jobs.

Be sure and read the companion Blog post describing the 8 Step Formula for creating a compelling EVP - Employee Value Proposition. Click here.

Get Quick Dramatic Results

  • 120% increase in qualified candidates reported by one Recruiting Team. 
  • 23% increase in female applications reported by another Recruiting Team after deploying the optimization gender decoding tool.
  • 100's of hours saved by a recruiting team of 101 Recruiter Consultants.
  • 100% improvement noted by LinkedIn Influencer after AI enhancement.

This new AI (artificial (intelligence) capability will analyse what jobs potential candidates have done before (what jobs they could do, but perhaps they don't know or don't want to) and what are the key triggers/reasons candidates apply for your jobs. The search is then optimized for intent.

The company providing this technology will typically turn around your jobs ready for posting and/or use within email or LinkedIn InMail within 4 to 6 hours during the business week. Not only will this improve your candidate response rates, but will save your recruiting teams many hours in the process. 

Your investment for using this solution results in a strong ROI, meaning that savings in your Recruiter's time, combined with more highly qualified and diverse candidates will give you a significant return on investment.

I've personally tested the differences in job ad copy and have been amazed at the remarkable differences!

You owe it to yourself to lean more about how this will dramatically improve your job ads and your overall recruitment messages!

Watch our brief Digital Recruiter video to see how this can all be blended together.

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