A Performance Recruitment System for Talent Acquisition

The Bradford Consulting Integrated Performance-based Recruiting Process

Our Talent Acquisition 4 Circles of Excellence is a  Performance-based Recruiting Model that is an integrated business process designed specifically to enhance recruiting and hiring top-tier people in a talent scarcity market.

The model consists of four key circles each of which contain vitally important steps. Some of these steps begin in one of the circles, and continue into the others, thus making the process totally integrated.

Bradford Consulting is much more than a sourcing partner. We participate with our Client Partners by conducting an in-depth assessment of our HR and Talent Acquisition candidates. The following process describes in some detail how this is accomplished.

We use this process for our Talent Acquisition search assignments. Click each definition below for details.

All Talent Acquisition Candidates placed with our clients are eligible for FREE Adler Performance-based Hiring training and certification.

Performance Outcomes: Defining High-value Recruiter Job Performance Outcomes Begins Before Recruiting

Talent Centric Sourcing: Using a US Recruiter Mapped Dataset

Evidence-based Assessment: Using an 11-Factor Talent Acquisition Scorecard That’s Performance-centered

Integrated Recruiting and Closing: Offering and Closing Top Talent in the US Healthcare and Technology Markets

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