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Get More Top Candidate Responses to Every Recruiting Message Using 5 Proven Components
  • Why most recruiting messages actually PREVENT top candidates from responding (and what you should do instead).
  • What no one has told you about creating job posts, emails and inmails (all of the mainstream information about this is DEAD WRONG).
  • The exclusive quick-idea checklist that you can apply to your very next recruitment message.
Improve Quality of Hire while Reducing Time and Cost to Hire Using This Formula
  • What most recruiters are doing that actually INCREASES the cost and time to hire (and the adjustments you can quickly make).
  • What you need to know about a "Small Batch, High Touch" strategy that will leap-frog you ahead of others competing for the same talent.
  • This proven formula will reduce your time to fill and cost per hire while IMPROVING quality of hire.
Conducting an Awesome Phone Screen to Save Time and Improve Quality of Hire
  • Why most phone screens take too long and fail to correctly assess candidates (the steps you can take to ELIMINATE these errors).
  • Why the phone screen is a barometer for a company's entire hiring process and what it reveals about your ability to quickly identify top talent.
  • What you can do to accurately measure candidate quality and be sure the hiring team uses the CORRECT standards.
Networking: Using LinkedIn in Clever Ways to Find More Warm Candidates
  • Most recruiters limit the effectiveness of LinkedIn and miss out on a lot of top talent (and the step-by-step process you should be using instead).
  • What you need to discover about how to find "RECRUITERS GOLD" in referrals that are easily within your reach.
  • Why these referrals call you back almost 100% of the time in a mood to listen to your opportunity.
Recruiting, Closing and Negotiating Offers in a Talent Scarcity Market
  • Why Recruiters choose the wrong time to engage in the job offer process (and when the best time should actually begin instead).
  • The 11 FACTOR TALENT SCORECARD becomes a highly valuable recruiting and assessment tool for all of the hiring team to reach an accurate consensus..
  • How to remove bias, increase diversity, and fit within your culture and never making an offer until you're confident it will be accepted.
Achieve Quality of Hire and Cultural Fit Using an Integrated Recruiting Formula
  • Why most hiring processes leave too many gaps for top talent to fall through (and what a better process looks like instead).
  • Why you may not have realized about the differences an integrated approach looks like and how you can take immediate steps to plug the gaps in your process.
  • The performance-centric formula covering the recruiting life-cycle and designed to be highly effective in a candidate scarcity market.

Accelerated Learning Opportunities

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Personalized Coaching - Solve Major Hiring Challenges and Improve Quality of Hire

Carl Bradford provides one-on-one or group coaching for any of our training programs to accelerate your learning.

Becoming A Certified Recruiter Increases Your Value As A True Partner

Led by Carl Bradford, recruiters can become certified and receive credits from HRCI, SHRM, NAPS and CHRP.

Embedded Search Provides Hands-on Learning By Partnering With An Expert

 Learn the Performance-based Hiring process while we embed with your hiring team and lead a job search for a critical position. 

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