About Bradford Consulting

Bradford Consulting and its predecessor firms have been in business for over 30 years. We've taken what the best do and created an integrated system for SMB employers that engages top people so you can hire 'A' Players...consistently!

An 'A' player is someone who has at least a 90% chance of achieving JOB SPECIFIC KPOs that only the top 25% could achieve. (TM)

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas working across broad geographic regions, we've added support to technology employers by locating, attracting, recruiting, and retaining A-Players for our clients.

To start a conversation with Carl Bradford, a recognized expert in Performance-based Hiring by booking a real working recruiting strategy call below. Never a sales call in disguise, just a discussion about your most pressing recruitment challenges and potential next steps.

About Carl Bradford - Owner

Carl brings over 40 years of HR and Talent Acquisition expertise across many industries, to ensure you hire A-Players for your mission critical leadership and industry specialist jobs. 

He is a recognized expert in Performance-based Hiring developed by Lou Adler. Carl has consulted with and to Lou by coaching and training recruiting teams from around the world in this highly acclaimed hiring methodology. As part of his consulting, he has been the solely responsible for world-wide certification in this method on behalf of The Adler Group.

Carl is an expert in Performance-based Hiring, having certified over 2,000 recruiters in this method of behalf of Lou Adler and The Adler Group.

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