Networking: Using LinkedIn to Generate Great Referrals

When starting a new assignment the first question a recruiter should ask is, "Who knows my ideal candidate?" These referrals are "Recruiters Gold." 

In this course, we've embedded a great tool with instant scripts to overcome all of these common 

objections and concerns included "What's the compensation," "I'm not looking," and "I'm happy where I am."

Let's get started finding some "recruiter's gold."

Course Lessons
  • Video: Getting Great Referrals Through Network Nodes
  • Interactive: Infographic: Turning LinkedIn into "Recruiter's Gold"
  • Interactive: Step-by-Step Networking Guide for Finding Nodes
  • Video: Setting Up the Goldilocks Close
  • Interactive: A Self-guided Tour Through the Goldilocks Close
  • Video: Navigating Our Interactive Tool for Handling Objections
  • Interactive: Access to the Interactive Tool for Handling All Common Objections

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