Get the Best Job Search Results Using the Following Tips

When using more than a single search term, your should utilize the following Boolean operator structure to obtain the most accurate results.

Boolean operators include;

And – Used when all search terms must be present

Or – Used when any of the search terms can be present

-not – Used to exclude search terms not desired in the search results

“ ” – Used to enclose your search term when it has two or more words

( ) – Used when combining groups of terms that include different operators

Here are examples of how they can be used

Examples using or
Inventory or distribution or warehousing or “supply chain”

nurse or RN or LPN or "registered nurse" or "licensed practical nurse"

Examples using and
“registered nurse” and emergency

accountant and cpa

Example combining both operators
network and (administrator or architect)

Example excluding terms with -not
network and (administrator or architect) -manager

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