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Recruiting Consultant - Coach - Using KPOs and EVPs - Bradford Consulting

We Help Growing Employers Build Robust Teams Using Performance-based Hiring Methods

Hiring Expertise Spanning 30+ Years!

Bradford Consulting Recruitment

With Solutions Tailored Especially For Our Client's Hiring Challenges

Ask about our unique Performance-based KPO (key performance objectives) Talent Acquisition capability. We have deep expertise in this methodology.

Engineering & IT

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Manufacturing & Opns

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HR & Talent Acquisition

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renewable energy hiring for HR & Talent Acquisition professionals
Executive Leadership

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renewable energy hiring for directors & Vice Presidents

We'll help you create your first KPO recruiting description at no cost to demonstrate why this is so effective for hiring more top talent. Then you can decide if you'd like to engage us either for a full or blended search approach.

Our Four Step Process for Hiring to Immediately Raise Your Talent Bar

Define KPOs and EVP

We work with you to define the critical KPOs for achieving success. Then we create an Employee Value Proposition which will capture the interest of A-Players to your opportunity.

Sourcing & Engagement

We create the ideal candidate profile based on the KPOs and EVP then confidentially present your opportunity and determine interest and suitability for advancing further in the hiring process.

Interviewing & Assessment

We use the highly acclaimed Performance-based Hiring interview methods to further evaluate the candidates match to your KPOs and company culture. We present only the top candidates to you.

Offer & Acceptance

We work with you to create the best possible compensation package along with what we refer to at a 30% non-monetary advantage that helps you compete more effectively for top talent.

Details of our complete, multi-step hiring process can be found by clicking here.

Carl Bradford has certified 2000+ recruiters in Performance-based Hiring providing invaluable insight into what the best companies do to hire top people. 

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