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We focus on recruitment of 'A' players.

An ‘A’ player is someone who has at least a 90% chance of achieving JOB SPECIFIC KPOs that only the top 25% could achieve. (TM)

Outstanding Performance Outcomes are baked into everything we do! 

All engagements are personally led by Carl Bradford who’s worked with over 2,000 management professionals to perfect this approach! Don't need a full search service? We'll design a comprehensive strategy and hiring blueprint complete with recruitment job posts and marketing-style messagining along with forms to guide your hiring team from job open through successful onboarding. 

We offer 4 ways to help you. Customized to fit your unique requirements. Budget friendly fees with emphasis on your ROI. Learn More.

Ever feel like your hiring process is a hit-or-miss gamble that’s holding back your business?

Embracing KPO-based and performance-based hiring methodologies is a game-changer for your organization. When adopted, you ensure that every hiring decision is based on a candidate’s actual performance potential. Hire employees who not only meet but exceed your expectations. Retention and cultural fit is a key focus yielding a productivity boost reducing turnover and positioning your company as a highly desirable place to work.

Tailored talent solutions to fit any budget, without compromising quality.

Explore our suite of talent solutions, including our budget-friendly option, designed to cater to various organizational needs. With four distinct approaches to choose from, we ensure that quality hiring fits seamlessly into your budget. Choose from the following: 

  • Fractional OnCall Consultant Advisor. As much or as little as you need. Budget friendly!
  • Full Search using Performance, KPO-based Search Methods. Includes “pay-as-they-stay” guarantee.
  • Everything in choices 1 and 2 plus Pilot program for embedding KPO-search methods tailored to you.
  • How to guard against harassement and discrimination charges and successfuly defend them if needed.

What is KPO-based Hiring and Why You Should Care?

Kickstart your hiring process into high gear by defining JOB SPECIFIC KPOs for each search. We work with our clients to create this dynamic sourcing and assessment document that is based on job outcomes.

While a skills-based approach often focuses solely on a candidate’s technical abilities, an KPO-driven hiring strategy goes beyond that to align candidates with your company’s broader objectives and culture. By targeting individuals who can achieve specific, measurable outcomes, you not only reduce the bias inherent in subjective evaluations but also ensure a better cultural fit. The result is a more cohesive, engaged team that’s not just skilled, but also fully invested in driving your business forward.

We’re not just about filling seats; we’re about showing you how to fill them with the top 25% who will drive your business forward. Think of it as adding rocket fuel to your team.

Get A FREE KPO Job Specific Hiring Profile Done For You!

Struggling with attracting top people, high turnover, low employee engagement, or missed business targets? Ask us to create a  customized KPO HIRING PROFILE for your job to show you why it’s a critical first step! No fee to demonstrate for you!

We help you hire 'A' player talent by beginning our search or consulting process with clearly defined job outcomes ensuring you hire individuals who are not only skilled, but meet job specific one-year KPOs and are also aligned with your company’s strategic goals. By focusing on measurable outcomes from the get-go, you set the stage for long-term employee retention, higher productivity, and a more harmonious work environment.

We’re with you every step of the way, turning your hiring process into a well-oiled machine.

Special Offer – Get Your Free Customized KPO Job Description

Let us create a Free Customized KPO-Based Recruitment Job Description for one of your most critical roles. Experience firsthand the clarity and focus it brings to your hiring process, all with absolutely no fee or obligation to go any further.

Want more information before getting your Free KPO Job Description? Click here to get a free REAL STRATEGY session. 

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