Hiring      Challenges


Our Middle Market Client Partners tell us that the following three challenges are among their most troubling issues keeping them awake at night. Helping our clients solve these challenges is our sweet spot.

Middle Market Challenge #1

Bradford Consulting Solution

Size Can Limit Candidate Pool. Middle Market companies frequently attract a smaller pool of top candidates. A key reason is due to a lack of brand awareness compared to larger companies. Inability to penetrate the 83% passive market where top people can be found, results in seeing average or below candidates. Job offer acceptance increasingly relies strictly on compensation to close the deal.

There is an over reliance on using job boards, lacking a more well-rounded strategy to include supporting and synergistic methods to increase a supply of top talent. 

We search for and vet high-value recruiters who have the complete skill set to recruit in talent scarcity markets. We go the extra mile and provide the Adler Performance-based Training and certification  - at no additional cost to our clients - to Recruiters. This training is also available at discounts for all of the total Hiring Manager's team. After certifying 800+ recruiters. we know how to judge which recruiters have the skills required for tough markets.

Our research currently reflects there are 267,358 Recruiters in the US that map to the middle-markets we serve. Of those, there are 40,104 that have the skills and track record to be a High-value Recruiter. We have a Talent Acquisition search process that operates 24 x 7 x 365 to identify and build evidence-based relationships with these High-value Recruiters.

Middle Market Challenge #2

Bradford Consulting Solution

Lack of Required Candidate Skills. Middle Market companies are seeing a candidate pool who do not meet the performance demands of their jobs. These candidate may at first appear to have the required skills, yet do not turn out to be strong performers. Recruiters often have to re-start the search process to replace inadequate hires and/or deal with an ever changing job description.  Candidate assessment during the interview process is a hit-or-miss proposition. Offers seem to always be dependent on compensation vs. career opportunity.

Create performance-based job descriptions that are anchored with an easy to use interview question method. This includes incorporating our proven 11-Factor Performance-based Talent Scorecard to identify High-value Recruiters who understand how to use industry, company, job, and business knowledge to recruit top talent and are viewed as someone worth knowing by Hiring Managers and candidates. Our clients save valuable time, and hire only High-value Talent Acquisition Professionals who quickly become Trusted Advisers to Hiring Managers.

Middle Market Challenge #3

Bradford Consulting Solution

Lack of Strategic HR Capabilities. Many HR Departments in the Middle Market lack the resources to compete in highly competitive markets. Internal HR staff often lack all of the necessary skills to recruit in the difficult talent scarcity middle-markets. Recruiting messages do capitalize on intrinsic motivators to entice top talent into your recruiting process.

This becomes even more difficult as recruiters deal with increased compensation pressures brought on by a talent shortage markets. How to differentiate your company and become a magnet for top talent becomes elusive.

We provide FREE access to the Adler Performance-based Hiring, end-to-end - integrated - business process training (see below). We offer this as part of an active search as well as partnering with our client recruiting team in a pilot approach.

 Every Recruiter and Talent Acquisition professional recruited by us will have FREE access to the 24 x 7 x 365 Performance-based Hiring Learning System platform. This includes personalized coaching from Carl Bradford for certification in Performance-based Hiring. We guarantee all Talent Acquisition Candidate are or will soon be certified.


We have worked with hundreds of mid-market and larger employers around the world through their training and certification in the Lou Adler Performance-based Hiring method. We offer this training through the Performance-based Hiring Online System at FREE of charge for every Talent Acquisition professional we place with our clients. Group discounts and special rates are available for other hiring team members, including their Hiring Manager colleagues. Training is available 24 x 7 x 365. Personalized certification coaching is available from Carl Bradford who has personally certified 900+ recruiting professionals in this method. This includes:

  • The foundation for becoming a Trusted Adviser in specific markets
  • Developing unique, job specific employee value propositions
  • Proactive employee referral strategies
  • Getting “yes” responses from passive candidates
  • Overcoming candidate objections and concerns
  • The 8-Step structured performance-based interview
  • Leveraging the 30% non-compensation strategy
  • Recruiting and closing strategies
  • And much, much more…


We offer a highly flexible, tailored approach for our Talent Acquisition Client Leaders who want to raise the talent bar within their organizations. We devise and offer a strategy that meets your goals and timetables. We listen to your biggest hiring challenges and formulate a recommended strategy and break that into tactical, logical steps to begin the journey to achieve the outcomes you’re seeking. This can include:

  • Recruiting department audits based on the 12 competencies of top internal Recruiters
  • Determining if your recruiting process is designed for a talent shortage or surplus market
  • Mapping modern technology to support your desired recruiting process

Pilot Program

Our Pilot Program is an advanced strategy that typically incorporates elements of Search, Training and Consulting. We typically focus on one of your most difficult recruiting challenges and work alongside you in a virtual capacity to produce the outcomes you need. We are always conscious of your time table, budget and cultural components in structuring a Pilot Program that fits your unique circumstances. This can include:

  • Making the Adler Performance-based Hiring 24 x  7 x 365 Learning System available to the Recruiters and Hiring Manager’s recruitment team.
  • Structuring the pilot to incorporate building the foundation for a performance-based search, conducting candidate sourcing, participating in interview and post-interview assessments using our 11-Factor Quality of Hire Scorecard.
  • Structuring an offer, trialing that offer, and building an on-boarding process that creates specific objectives well into the new hire’s employment.