Helping Hospitals With Three Big Challenges

According to our hospital partners, the following three challenges are some of the most prevalent they face. Each of these challenges has a prescription solution that we're experts at providing.

  • Big Challenge #1 
  • big challenge #2
  • big challenge #3

Hospital Challenge #3

Relying on Business Systems That Are Ineffective and/or Out-of-date

Highly efficient, evidence-based health care require hospital systems that remove process inefficiencies and system failures to ensure the ability to move to a value-based model.

One critical business process frequently overlooked is a proven, end-to-end business system for attracting and hiring top tier talent. Most hospital recruiting processes lack the ability to attract and identify passive top tier talent across the spectrum of roles needed by hospitals.


Build a Modern, Performance-based Hiring System 

Create an evidence-based, end-to-end recruiting system that meets the challenge of a pay-for-performance model. We are experts in helping hospital clients accomplish the transition to a step-by-step hiring process where every step is built on the preceding step and is congruent across hospital hiring teams. 

Our Quality of Hire focus is built on a different foundation and continues through the first day of employment and even beyond.

Carl Bradford


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