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Recruiting Hospital Talent with moving from a fee-for-service to a Value-based Model in mind

The market for Texas hospital administrative talent is highly competitive. All hospitals, large or small, rural or in large cities experience the pain of finding enough high caliber people. Employee performance often is less than desirable. As hospitals move from a fee-for service to a value-based revenue model, it will be more difficult than ever to hire top tier talent.

The best talent consistently get approached for new opportunities which can lead to difficulty retaining your talent. Every Hospital job from Administration to medical specialties are becoming increasingly hard to fill and hiring costs are increasing accordingly. You face constant pressure to stay ahead of the competition, and the impact a prolonged talent search process can have on your tight schedules and budgets.

Our Hospital Recruiting Specialty

That’s where we come in. We help you hire top tier Executive and Administrative professionals that bring the passion and experience to solve these sticky challenges. When you need a top person in the “C” suite, Talent Acquisition and Human Resource and/or Hospital Administration expertise, let us present with you with “A” level talent using our unique Performance-based hiring strategy.

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  • Hospital Relationships - Our recruiting system focuses on building professional relationships and staying in touch with top hospital executive and administrative talent 24/7, allowing us in-depth access to the 83% passive candidate pool.
  • Unique Scorecard - Every candidate is submitted with an 11 Factor Performance Assessment Scorecard that is uniquely tied to the customized performance objectives for each of our client’s hiring requirements.
  • Performance-based Hiring - Over 30 years of recruiting experience, with the past 20 years devoted exclusively to performance-based methods utilizing evidence-based hiring criteria that consistently delivers top talent to our clients.
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