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About Bradford Consulting

30+ Years of Recruiting Expertise. Trusted Adviser, Consultant, Coach and Trainer of Talent Acquisition Professionals!

Comments from Talent Acquisition Professionals Becoming Certified in Performance-based Hiring

“Carl thanks for help on my completed certification assignments. You always had insightful suggestions based not only on your professional career, but also on your personal experiences.  I have implemented most of the methodology in my day to day recruiting role and intend to continue using all the tools with my hiring managers.”

Thank you for your help and suggestions throughout the certification process.  Your insight certainly raised my level of recruitment.”

Thanks for your tips! Super helpful. With everything, the more I practice the better I hope to get!”

“ Carl, thank you for taking the time to drill down and explain specifically what I need to do and the better verbiage to do so.”

"Thanks so much for this response. This was way more detailed than I was expecting. I really appreciate it!!!!”

Helping US Middle-Market CEO's Who Want Their Companies To Be A Magnet For Top Talent

The market for to tier Human Resource and Talent Acquisition is highly competitive. All Middle-Market Employers, rural or in large cities experience the pain of finding enough high caliber people. Employee performance often is less than desirable. As various market sectors continue to evolve and expand, it will be more difficult than ever to hire top tier talent.The best talent consistently get approached for new opportunities which can lead to difficulty retaining your talent. HR and Recruitment jobs are becoming increasingly hard to fill with top tier talent, and hiring costs are increasing accordingly. You face constant pressure to stay ahead of the competition, and the impact a prolonged talent search process can have on your tight schedules and budgets.

We Help Middle Market Clients Build Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Teams

That’s where we come in. We help you hire top tier HR Executive and Talent Acquisition professionals that bring the passion and experience to solve these sticky challenges. When you need top Talent Acquisition or Human Resource expertise, let us present with you with “A” level talent using our unique Performance-based hiring strategy.

We Help Middle Market Clients Build Quota Busting Sales Teams

We recruit business development and sales professionals who have demonstrated an “achiever” profile by surpassing sales goals in complex, highly-technical technology markets. We use a multi-factor talent assessment scorecard in combination with a performance outcome profile that allows a highly predictive job performance outcome, before making an offer.

How We're Different

Middle-Market Client Relationships - Our recruiting system focuses on building professional relationships and staying in touch with top US Middle-Market  CEO's ,Talent Acquisition executives and professional talent 24/7/365 allowing us in-depth access to the 83% passive candidate pool.

Unique Scorecard - Every candidate is submitted with an 11 Factor Performance Assessment Scorecard that is uniquely tied to the customized performance objectives for each of our client’s hiring requirements.

Performance-based Hiring - Over 30 years of recruiting experience, with the past 20 years devoted exclusively to performance-based methods utilizing evidence-based hiring criteria that consistently delivers top Recruiter talent to our Talent Acquisition client partners. We provide FREE Adler Performance-based Hiring training for all placements made by Bradford Consulting. Additional group discount rate and Hiring Manager training is also available, as is certification.

What Client's Say

Quick Start Means Faster Success - Clients tell us one of our most unique attributes is how quickly we develop and understanding of their most critical, unique and highly specialized hiring needs, and consistently hit the hiring "bulls-eye."

Different Start Yields Better Results - We always begin our search from a different perspective. Let us tell you why we start the search process differently from our competitors. It’s a key component of our consistent success.

Added Market Insight Bonus - The consulting arm of Bradford Consulting brings the best practices of multiple industries, market sectors and job family, many of which can be effectively adapted to the Talent Acquisition Healthcare and Technology markets. When we learn what is working in other markets, we bring that insight and value of best-practices to our Mid-Market and larger Healthcare and Technology client partners.